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Adult community services


Our floating support service is available to adults aged 21 – 65 living in the community who:

* Experience some difficulties due to their mental health;

* Struggle with addictions e.g. drugs or alcohol;

* Require support to manage their medication/treatment;

* Have become socially isolated or excluded as a result of their difficulties;

* Require support to attend appointments and engage with other statutory services;

* Need support with day-to-day tasks and could benefit from one-to-one support and advocacy;

* Require support to help maximize their independence.



We work collaboratively to provide a range of flexible floating support packages for people living in any type of accommodation including their own home.


How Do We Do It?

Through one to one interventions such as :

* Help in understanding and expressing their needs to medical and mental health professionals;

* Support to foster a structured day and maintain the activities of daily living;

* Supervision (not administration) of treatment for both physical and mental health;

* Support to enagage and link with other services and professionals;

* Support through advocacy to promote social inclusion and reduce the stigma associated with mental health challenges;

* Support to manage a crisis;

* Assisting the development of self-confidence and self-esteem;

* Support to access local services including employment, education , training, leisure and other community social activicties;

* Support to acquire budgeting skills and maintaining a tenancy.



OpenMinds works with clients to achieve a range of outcomes including:

* A reduction in relapse of mental health difficulties.

* Sustained improvement in client’s physical, emotional, psychological and general wellbeing.

* An overall reduction in crisis or admissions to hospital.

* Better insight and understanding of recovery.

* Promotion of stable lifestyles, social inclusion and integration into the community.


Young Persons Project:

Our Young Persons project provides a warm, supportive and homely semi-independent environment which is 24-hour staffed where young people can develop resilience whilst acquiring the core life skills they need to ease their transition into adulthood.

The house consists of 5 individual bedrooms, a modern kitchen, a large lounge/games room, garden and a dedicated therapeutic room/safe space. Individual bedrooms are decorated to a high standard as is the rest of the house. It is located in a tree lined residential area and a 5-minute walk to Addiscombe Tram Stop which takes you directly into East Croydon in less than 10 minutes. East Croydon boasts direct links in to London Bridge (12mins) and London Victoria (19mins). Croydon College is 10 minutes from Addiscombe tram stop along with other local amenities.


Who is it for?

Young people who are: • aged 16-21• deemed vulnerable, including care leavers • experiencing some form of mental distress and in need of early intervention and support. • considered vulnerable because of CSE, bullying, parental mental health or self-harming.


What support do we offer in the Project?

* 1-2-1 Key working Support

* Support with registering at local GP and other allied primary Health and community services

* Intensive support which includes therapeutic interventions by staff.

* Advocacy and liaison with CAMHS, and active promotion of engagement with all services working with young people. (Health Education, Medical)

* Access to ETE- Providing opportunities to volunteer and work experience placements.

* Access to an independent visitor.

* Therapeutic Support and interventions.

We offer a therapeutic provision where young people can have access to trained therapists/counsellor. There is a dedicated therapeutic room within the home that can be used by young people during their one to one sessions. We also invite its use by external providers with the young people (such as CAMHS)

* Weekly residents meeting.

* Developing group living and skills of engagement.

* An environment that is therapeutic.

* Daily Routines including maintaining personal Hygiene

* Maintaining a clean and safe environment

* Support to acquire budgeting skills.

* Reflecting on conduct and behaviour and reduction of offending behaviour

* Socialising and community integration

* Support to access welfare benefits.

* Independent living skills support.

* Activities and Leisure

Recreational activities are arranged as soon as possible after admission in line with individual care plans including membership at the local Leisure Centre; where swimming, gymnasium, basketball, badminton. Local football teams serve the communities of Croydon well.

The Home has internet access, is near a library and internet cafes. Magazines of interest are purchased regularly as well as board games. Young persons are allowed electronic equipment including TV’s and stereos in their rooms, if these are played at a reasonable level.

Additional community services that can be offered by the Young Persons Service include:

* Outreach/ Floating / Family support.

* Appropriate adult services at the Police Station.

* Escort services

OpenMinds provides the safe and secure movement and transportation of young people to and from placements, appointments, pick up from police stations, health or medical appointments.