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//Who is if for?
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Young Persons Project

for young people who are:

  • Aged 16-21
  • Deemed vulnerable, including care leavers
  • Experiencing some form of mental distress and in need of early intervention and support.
  • Considered vulnerable because of CSE, bullying, parental mental health or self-harming.

Adult Community Service

Our floating support service is available to adults aged 21-65 living in the community. We also accept referrals for those who are on the verge of discharge from long-stay hospitals and require support with reintegration into the community. This includes people who:

  •      Experience some difficulties due to their  mental health;
  • Struggle with addictions e.g. drugs or alcohol;
  • Require support to manage their medication/treatment;
  • Have become socially isolated or excluded as a result of their difficulties;
  • Require support to engage with other statutory services;
  • Need support with day-to-day tasks and could benefit from one-to-one support;
  • Require support to help maximize their independence.